Terms and Conditions

GRUNT PROOF™ Guarantee (hereafter, “the Guarantee”) of Sabre Tactical™ products (hereafter, “Product/s”):

  1. Any Product marked with the Guarantee logo that fails, within 365 days of its purchase, will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Sabre Tactical™.
  2. A Product ‘fail’ includes:
    1. any degradation or deterioration of the Product, which is attributable to a defect; and
    2. complete or partial unservicability of the Product, which is attributable to a defect.
  3. A ‘defect’ includes:
    1. a manufacturing defect;
    2. component, fabric, and/or textile defects; and
    3. for purpose-built Products only, a flaw in the Product design.
  4. Sabre Tactical™ accepts that its Products will be subject to intensive use; however, the Guarantee may not include:
    1. damage to Products caused by usage it was not designed for; or
    2. damage to Products caused by eventualities not reasonably foreseeable by Sabre Tactical™.  
  5. The decision to repair or replace the Product will be made on a case-by-case basis and is a decision which is at the sole discretion of Sabre Tactical™.
  6. Sabre Tactical™ will not cover the cost of the delivery of the repaired or replaced Product.  Sabre Tactical™ is not responsible for damaged or lost returns before receipt of the Product.  Sabre Tactical™ recommends using a reliable courier service, courier tracking, and insurance coverage.
  7. The Guarantee applies to personal, non-official purchases.  It does not apply to publicly funded purchases or purchases by corporate/business entities. 
  8. Proof of purchase may be required and the Guarantee applies only to the original owner.

Warranty (hereafter, “the Warranty”):

  1. At Sabre Tactical we stand by our gear completely so all our products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the practical life of the product.
  2. ‘Practical life’ means as long as the product, and its sub materials and components can be reasonably expected to last. The timeframe will depend on how the product has been cared for and treated during its life. Product age is only one aspect of our warranty assessment.
  3. In the case of some specialist gear, with unique duty requirements, we may state a product lifespan from date of manufacture at which stage the item must be withdrawn from service. This is to ensure the product performs to its full specification throughout its working life and is removed from service prior to the potential for environmental factors to degrade its performance for the intended task.
  4. Our product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or reasonably expected deterioration of the sub materials and components, any modifications or alterations completed by third parties, or any damage as a result of negligence, improper maintenance, use or storage.
  5. Our inspection, use and care instructions, where provided for certain products, must be followed.
  6. If a product does fail during is practical life due to a material defect or manufacturing fault, we will repair (if practical) free of charge or replace (at our discretion).
  7. If the product becomes damaged we will be happy to inspect and repair (if possible), for a reasonable fee.
  8. Soft and hard armour inserts are covered under a separate and specific warranty discussed with the Customer.
  9. If there is any doubt about the serviceability of your Sabre Tactical gear REMOVE FROM SERVICE AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY

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