Our mission is to manufacture high quality tactical gear, using only the finest materials and workmanship available to produce innovative textile solutions that are truly Designed For Battle™ in order to support those who believe freedom is worth fighting for.

Raw Materials

At Sabre Tactical™ we over engineer every piece of kit that leaves our workshop.  We know our customers’ life may depend on gear living up to the task at hand.  But the best design in the world cannot produce the best product if it’s not manufactured out of the best components. To achieve this we only use the best raw materials available, proven in combat and imported from around the world. We scutinise every raw material that goes into our gear right down to the thread, because we know our clients demand and expect the best – and we demand on delivering nothing less.


The name Smilodon comes from Greek:    σμίλη, (smilē), "carving knife"   +    ὀδoύς (odoús), "tooth"
Smilodon lived during the Pleistocene epoch some 10,000 years ago, it has earned its self the nickname "sabre-tooth" they were apex predators and primarily hunted large mammals like bison, it was around the size of a modern tiger but much more robustly built, had shorter and more massive limbs than other felines.
They would use their stealth and concealment to hide its self in dense vegetation were it would lie in wait, ambushing it’s pray, using its great upper-body strength to wrestle prey to the ground. It had well developed flexors and extensors in its forearms, which enabled it to pull down and securely hold large prey where its long canines up to 11” long could deliver a deep stabbing bite to the throat which would generally cut through both the jugular vein and the trachea and thus kill the prey very quickly.

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