Our philosophy is gear should be designed to enable the operator, not define how he or she fights by dictating tactics through limitations. We are constantly modifying and refining our gear to meet the rapid changes of modern combat
We like to think of our products as living designs, continuously being redeveloped and improved to ensure our equipment keeps up with the soldiers needs on the modern battlefield, LE operator or recreational hunter.

We have a small and very specialised workshop specifically designed to produce high-end tactical gear. We carry a range of Milspec materials and hardware in stock to take your concept or design to finished product as well as conducting our own assembly line work. If your order is beyond our production capabilities we have the ability to sub-contract large orders to our associates under our R&D, design and Quality Assurance.


About Us

If you are looking for New Zealand’s leading tactical nylon gear manufacturer you have come to the right place.

Sabre Tactical™ is proudly a New Zealand owned and operated company that has been over 10 years in development. We are focused on manufacturing nylon tactical gear for Military, Law Enforcement, Private Sector Professionals, and Hunting and Shooting where we are dedicated to bringing you equipment that is built to the demanding needs of today’s operators.

Our lead team has had over 25 years combined military experience.

Carl, has had over 13 years’ military experience, 10 of those years as a qualified Sniper, Carl started designing and manufacturing custom made military gear as a young soldier from packs to body armour and everything in between. He has tested his own equipment during long periods of time in harsh conditions and fully understands what it has to live up to and how it has to work during different complex scenarios. It has been a long learning experience trialling ideas and seeing what works and – just as importantly – what doesn’t.

Graeme, has had 12 years’ military experience including operational deployments in the Middle East and he has been a Search & Rescue tracking dog handler. He brings a combination of practical military and civilian field experience backed up with advanced materials knowledge gained from completing a Bachelor of Chemical & Materials Engineering and a Masters of Engineering degree with First Class Honours where his major project was in lightweight armour research and practical evaluation, completed in conjunction with the NZDF and Defence Technology Agency.

Our established worldwide relationships and a customer centric approach, along with a unique combination of lab, workshop and field experience enables Sabre Tactical™ to innovate and design equipment for the real world.

Sabre Tactical™ gear is conceived through years of R&D backed up by real world experience, then designed and prototyped in the workshop, tested and proven on the battlefield.


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